Autonomous Agents


“Nature untouched by modern society possesses a sincerity not rivaled in areas of human influence. However, mechanized objects that lay motionless for ages begin to return to the soil from whence they came. By breaking, cracking, or rusting, these machines now sound and behave quite differently than when first constructed. Although many of these agents need to be activated via switch, button, or plug, the resulting sounds are now autonomous, both in form and function.”

Autonomous Agents is an electroacoustic composition in which recorded samples of mechanical objects are constructed and arranged in a manner that transforms the static sound textures of technology into flourishing gestures more akin to living organisms.  The machines in this composition vary in size from locomotive wheels to computer hard drives, from open reel tape recorders to car motors. The spinning motions inherit in the construction of these machines produce a natural relationship between the seemingly contrasting sounds and timbres.