Pulling Focus

In film, the object in focus catches the viewer’s eye first; thus, the cinematographer controls what the audience should perceive. As the object moves and reacts to its environment, the focus must shift accordingly, hence the term “pulling focus”. In the process, previously unseen background details become more vivid concurrently as detailed objects begin to blur.

I translate these visual concepts here into sound as dense textures develop and decay from within established objects in focus. In this instance, the violin acts as the main character; as the instrument moves through the composition, it also travels in and out of focus by pushing and pulling itself out of its accompanying textures.

Live performance by the Boston New Music Initiative at the Westfield State University Festival of New Music, 02 March 2014.

[gview file=”http://codykauhl.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/KAUHL_pulling-focus.pdf” height=”700px” width=”100%” save=”0″]